5 Ways to Write Press Releases That Demand Attention / Made Simple

5 Ways to Write Press Releases That Demand Attention / Made Simple

Getting your business noticed by the media is a great tactic to increase sales. A key part of getting attention is to build relationships with journalists, and this can be done by creating press releases. Now journalists are typically inundated with these on a daily basis so if you want your press releases (and in turn your business) to get noticed, you need to make it worth their time. Here are 5 Ways To Write Press Releases That Demand Attention: 

Make your headline clear

Your headline must scream for attention. Make it clear and concise, otherwise your whole piece will be discarded. According to freelance journalist Janet Murray, “Most journalists will spend just a few seconds deciding whether something looks interesting. If they don’t immediately understand what your story is about, they’ll move on to the next thing in their inbox.”

Ensure that the topic is interesting

You must ask yourself whether a wider audience would be interested in this news. Concentrate on the interesting things your company is doing. Have you run any events? Have you been shortlisted for an award? Have you partnered up with a local charity? These are the kind of topics that could be deemed newsworthy.

Don’t make it too long… or too short

You need to be conscious of length. A press release is not an opinion piece or an industry report, so ensure that your copy is roughly 300-500 words long – any longer and a journalist will switch off. Equally don’t make it too short. If you do this you may not be providing the journalist with enough details.

Target the right journalists

You can craft the most brilliant press release but if you are not targeting the appropriate journalists then your efforts could be in vain. Approach the local press if the story is related to your local area, national press if you’re lucky enough to have something bigger to talk about. And remember to target press who specialise in your industry as well.

Structure it correctly

It is important that your press release is formatted the correct way and includes the key information (and stylings) associated with press releases:

  • Write it in the third person – If you’re referring to your company you should be referring to ‘they’ or ‘them’, not ‘we’ or us’.
  • Contact information – Include your name, email address, website and telephone number.
  • Be clear when you want it published – If you don’t want information published before a particular time include an embargo date. If your press release is ready to go then state that it’s ‘ready for immediate release’.

So there you have it, five tips to help you write a killer press release that’s bound to get noticed.

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