A few thoughts on this scary time

A few thoughts on this scary time

With the latest terrorist attack at the Pulse night club in Orlando, still very fresh,it seems this kind of large scale attack on western soil is more widespread than we have ever seen, certainly more than I have ever seen. 

Normally I would have associated these large scale attacks as an exclusive domain of the Middle East. The West is meant to be the centre of enlightenment and elevated thinking – at least thats what I thought.

Paris, Brussels and now Orlando, all within the space of seven months really does send shivers down my spine. For all the resources at the disposal of intelligence services around the world, they are really up against insurmountable odds – particularly when so many are lone wolves. When you have a sophisticated, well-funded and fanatical organisation hell bent on your destruction then the odds are not stacked in your favour.

One slip, and that’s all it takes and that’s what scares me. London is the true epicentre  of multiculturalism (which is largely a great thing in my view) but this does make it all the much easier for radicals to be concealed.

Europe is now a hotbed of social discontent and its an ideal platform for any kind of radicalism to thrive. The far right found solace in the uncertainty of the post wall-street crash years. I feel radical islam is doing something similar in a climate that has seen countries like Greece, Spain and Portugal all struggle under the burden of the single market

Disenfranchised young men with few opportunities, angry, needing an avenue for their frustration. This type of narrative isn’t new but never has it been more clear and pronounced as it is today. Just look at Belgium and its problems in dealing with integration.

The UK is lucky not to have an integration problem on the scale of  much of mainland Europe. But don’t think for one second that any of us are safe. Make no mistake there are designs on London, I am just worried what gets hit when the inevitable happens.


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