An election … more like a tory procession

An election … more like a tory procession

I have never been so uninterested in an election than the one coming up in a couple of weeks. It’s very hard to get excited by an event which will barely represent a contest of any sort. Far more likely, is that it will be a tory procession akin to Tony Blair’s victory of 20 years ago. This would be the third year in a row that we are being called to go out and vote after last year’s EU referendum. This all equates to far too many manifestos, canvasing, bold promises and simplified rhetoric. As Brenda from Bristol said ” Your joking not another one”.¬†

We have been saturated by politics in the last year. Brexit and Trump were two unexpected triumphs for populism, that took up a hell of a lot of airtime and column inches. Therefore It was always going to be likely that another election would lead to more general apathy this time round. It doesn’t help that the two opposition parties are so thoroughly unappealing. Labour are stuck in a timewarp with a hapless leader and incompetent numpty’s, who are in urgent need of basic maths tuition (I am referring to you, Dianne Abbott). The Liberal Democrats are actively opposing Brexit and comically proposing to legalise cannabis. All of this suggests a very likely Tory whitewash on the 8th of June.

The Tories are now even trying to rebrand themselves as the party of the working class by creating unprecedented reforms to workers rights. Whether this means they shake off their tag of being ‘ the nasty party’ remains to be seen. But, it is clear that there is a confidence that the conservatives can now target the traditional working class support from the North, that have usually been inclined to vote Labour.

And what of security? Well, this is now one of the thorniest issues. A few weeks ago Dianne Abbott (yes her again) refused to say whether a Labour Government would use nuclear weapons against a rogue nation who were threatening to fire on the UK. You would have thought Labour were having enough ‘gaffes’ but good old Jezza decided to ‘put the boot in’ on a Sophie Ridge interview by refusing to condemn the IRA bombings, despite being asked to denounce them 5 times !!!

What an insult to all the families, that have been directly impacted by IRA attacks, that someone who is running for prime minister, has the audacity to flatly refuse to condemn a terrorist organisation responsible for murdering so many innocent people. The prospect of a Labour government, with this terrorist sympathiser at the helm, is nauseating. Is this a credible opposition that the country needs. It’s either the¬†Tories or a bunch of looney lefties, who have more in common with the rich liberals of Islington then the working class of this country.

The choice is not hard in my eyes, but wouldn’t it be more interesting for the public discourse if this wasn’t such a procession.


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