Euro’s really demonstrating that nationalism is far from dead

Euro’s really demonstrating that nationalism is far from dead

I like most men my age love watching the euros. It’s like the football season never ended and for an avid fan of the beautiful game like me, it’s a godsend. However, more than any other competition I have seen, there has been a sinister undertone of politically motivated hooliganism. Much of this has come from Russian supporters but there are plenty of other fans who have disgraced themselves over the past week and a half. Croatian fans somehow managed to let off flares in a stadium against the Czech Republic, and let’s not forget our own loutish oafs who seem to take over any city centre or square and anger the locals.

Euro 2016 will not be remembered for being well policed. Its a shame this type of behaviour is continuing to rear its ugly head. You would have thought with the amount of club football that goes on throughout the year that this jingoistic nationalism would be somewhat reduced. Alas, this is not the case. This moronic behaviour seems to be very much part of the psyche of certain fans who go and watch their country.

Why can’t people just go and innocently watch a game, without having all this other nonsense? In 2016 it’s amazing that this is still commonplace – when it really belongs in a bygone age. Perhaps it comes out because of the perception of a PC media, and maybe this does repress unsavoury behaviour in most outlets of life. Football, in this sense has become a vehicle to justify unsavoury points of view which wouldn’t be accepted in other forms of life.


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