Here are just a handful of example case studies from brands I have previously worked with. For the full list of clients past and present, please see bottom of the homepage here.


Case Study One

The challenge – Payzone is one of the largest payment providers for SMEs in the UK. However, they were finding it difficult to produce regular blog content for their site. Their approach wasn’t refined and they needed someone to help them create and map out a strategy for the coming months. 

The solution – After speaking with them, I looked at what they could improve on in terms of the subjects they covered. I also showed them why posting regular blog content would help them in terms of their SEO and brand recognition. 

After our meeting in their Stockport office, I began to work for them on a retainer basis. This resulted in two things: firstly, much more regular content going onto their website (ordinarily two blog posts a week) and secondly their audience started to spend more time viewing and engaging with them. We have continued to maintain a strong relationship ever since. During the Coronavirus pandemic, I have been working with them to create useful content for their audience of micro-businesses. 



Case Study Two


The challenge – Doskon is an IT service provider and reseller of various solutions helping a diverse range of organisations with their systems. The problem they had was that their website was extremely dense and difficult to understand for people who weren’t well versed in IT speak. Doskon knew that the message had to be simplified, which is where I came in

The solution – After speaking with them, I went to work and immersed myself in an industry that I hadn’t known much about previously. After spending time with them, and working on my own, I accumulated enough knowledge to tackle this rewrite. In the end, I created a much clearer and digestible website, which put a much larger emphasis on cybersecurity. They were happy with the work, and I have established an ongoing relationship with them. 

Recently I have been working with them to create COVID-19 focussed Linkedin posts for businesses working from home. 



Case Study Three

The challenge – As a top-end West End accountancy firm, Sam Rogoff had built a strong reputation since they were formed back in the early 1970s. Their problem was their website didn’t reflect the great work that they did. Not only was the copy insufficient, the layout and look of their site was also very dated. 

The solution – During our initial meeting, I told them that not only did they need a Copywriter to completely rewrite their site, but also a graphic designer to totally change their branding. Fortunately, they took my advice and enlisted the services of a designer (and myself) to completely overhaul the site. The result was a brand new website with a new colour scheme, complemented by copy that better reflected the work they did. 



Case Study Four


The challenge – This company specialises in the manufacturing of electronic safety locks for the care industry. They approached me at the start of 2018 as they felt that their website, whilst packed with detail, wasn’t clear enough for their two end-users (carers and families). 

The solution – For over a month, I worked closely alongside their marketing manager to create much clearer and succinct copy. This was a challenging brief as I needed to immerse myself in a niche sector, which had very specific terminology. But the process worked very well and I created a website which focussed much more on how the end-users would benefit from this platform, whilst trimming down the emphasis on features.