Positive words to help convert your prospects

In my last long post – which seems like eons ago – I spoke about infuriating business jargon/crap to avoid like the plague or a wasp’s nest on a hot day. Now I have some more ‘ ‘ ‘goodies’ for all of you to sink your teeth into …

As the weather is turning nice again, I feel good. And I want to spread that positivity with words or phrases that you should include in your own web copy. Words that will encourage affirmative action from your audience. You should want your prospects to have a warm fuzzy feeling inside (not in a creepy way), almost like you’re doing them a favor. They’ll see your website and think ‘ how lovely that they are offering this, they really care about me.’  

I truly believe it is possible to make a customer feel valued through the right words and phrases which are really simple and clear.

The first word I will look at is one which is extremely short (only 3 letters) yet it is so powerful.


Far too many websites (B2B ones especially) put major emphasis on the ‘we’ and not enough on the ‘you’. Precedence is often given to accolades and prestige, and not enough on the benefit your company will bring to a prospect.

Addressing this imbalance with more ‘you’s and less ‘we’s’(sorry it sounds worse when you say it) is a way to address your audience directly. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big law firm or a small cupcake company, emphasise that you’re speaking directly to a potential customer or client.


What does it mean to be free? It can be understood as acting as one wishes without suffering. That’s positive, but you’ll probably understand being free as something that comes without a cost. It’s a gift, that doesn’t require anything in return – what could be more positive than this?

If you have something to offer, which doesn’t require a customer part with their cash, shout about it. This could be an additional item of clothing or maybe even a free ebook. Free is also a great word to use if you are developing a lead generation strategy and want to maximise on the number of downloads.

Whatever you are deciding to offer, make sure that prospects know that it’s completely FREE !!! Don’t be shy about it either. Write in the biggest, boldest and hugest way – a bit like a certain US president.  


Why do we like it when products and services are easy to work? Have you ever thought about this? Think about it, most people don’t find life easy. Many of us have to juggle work, children and a social life. Not to mention, being constantly inundated with alerts on our smartphones.

This means when we require solutions for our problem we would rather avoid something complicated and unclear because our lives give us enough confusion as it is. This is why consumers seek to get this type of clarity in the products and services that they buy.

By using the word ‘easy’ you are instantly putting that individual at ease. It demonstrates that your product won’t require much effort to work.

The less effort required the better, which will only increase your chance of getting a prospect to buy from you.


Now, this is a word I really like, because rather than emphasise that something is cheap (which can conjure up negative images) this concerns the quality.

If you go and purchase items from the pound shop you won’t be getting something that is of high quality. That’s not the reason you are going. But if go somewhere more upmarket, then there is a strong likelihood is that you will get something which is of a high standard – and will provide more value to you.

By using the word value, when discussing your offering, the more positivity it will convey to people.

If you have more features than your competitors, prospects will be happy to part with their money to get them if they are of real benefit.

‘Limited offer’

FOMO. One of the most overused abbreviations of our times. When we look at our social media feeds we envy seeing our friends at a great party that we didn’t go to. Now try and take this feeling and apply it to your business.

Maybe you work in retail, and have just bought in an exotic item, which you know doesn’t come up that often. Milk the fact that this is limited and that it won’t be around for long. The same is true if you’re an e-commerce business. Hammer in the fact that this offer or product won’t be around for long. You could even do a countdown clock. This will really put an emphasis on time and force people to act.

‘No strings attached’

Human beings are suspicious by nature. Subconsciously, we can never trust anything at face value and want to know what is said in the fine print, before we decide to make a dent in our wallets. Companies like Ryanair are notorious for concealing additional fees, which means customers end up paying more than they thought originally.

One way that you can ease these fears is with one simple phrase ‘No strings attached’. So why is this such a bloody good phrase? Well, it shows that you understand the fears customers may have. You know that many people will be thinking about hidden costs and other fees. Even using this phrase may not totally remove these doubts, but it is another way of showing that everything they pay is upfront.

I would even say if there are shipping or delivery costs make that clear as early and not in the checkout stage. Let your customer break down the cost as soon as possible. Don’t give them a fright right before they make a purchase

‘Try before you buy’

This will depend on whether your business can actually afford to do such a thing. So please don’t offer this unless it’s actually feasible. But if you can, your customers will love you – hell I would love you too.

If you haven’t come across this before it means a customer can purchase an item at full price and if they aren’t satisfied, after a certain amount of time, they can get their money back – no questions asked.

Mattress giant Simba offer this service for up to 100 days and it’s one of their big USP’s. If this is something you do make sure it’s clear across your website.

It’s a lovely feature because it shows that what you want is for a customer to be able to experience your product or service in a pressure-free way.



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