What is Lead generation? / Made Simple

What is Lead generation? / Made Simple

A term that can often befuddle small business owners across the board is lead Generation. The idea of it has so many different connotations and meanings that can often not be that clear. But, as a business owner, it’s important to develop a process of following through with potential new contacts/business. So understanding the theory of lead generation could lead to an increase in sales and obtaining necessary new contacts.

This blog will cover exactly what Lead generation is and hopefully you will be able to see how your business could stand to benefit from something that is in many ways essential for growth.

What is Lead generation?

in its most simplistic form, lead generation is essentially the practise of pursuing and collecting names of people whom you can do business with. This will often be done by collecting their name, email and telephone number – with the purpose of following up with sales and marketing material. The art of lead generation has changed quite significantly over the years to compliment new technological demands: According to about money.com “ Traditionally lead generation occurred at places like trade shows – visitors to a companys booth would fill out a card with their contact information and turn it in to receive a call back from the company’s sales team. Since the rise of the internet, many businesses use their websites as a lead generation option.” Since so many businesses now operate within the realm of Ecommerce it is likely that you will want to adopt some kind of methodology,to ensure that you can capture data and use it to pursue relevant leads.

How exactly can I make lead generation work for me?

Really there is no blueprint for creating a successful lead generation strategy. The world of online business is full of so many different possibilities,that it is impossible to have one way definitive way in which to capture leads. Instead what I would suggest is creating an integrated approach when it comes to this broad subject. Lead generation in many ways will require all your marketing tools to combine in order to achieve your aims. It’s important to know what systems or programs you need to optimise in order to capture the information to pursue these leads. Here is what I would suggest:

Seriously consider introducing some kind of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software for your business

This will give you a fantastic tool to analyze data of the customer lifecycle. You will have a more informed view of your customers and will thus give you a great platform going forward with lead generation.

An automated email marketing will allow you to further segment customer lists 

      • If you have a big list of email addresses of customers you would be wise to incorporate a marketing automation system. This will allow you to send customized emails to your audience based on their interests and activities from your website. By using this type of system you will be able to target leads better, and will give you a better chance to follow up keeping them interested in your product/service.

Capture their information

    • It’s no use having all these sophisticated segmentation systems operating if you are not finding ways to extract the necessary information. For example, why don’t you consider asking customers to subscribe to your newsletter. You will have a customer’s email address and you will be able to update that person with developments within your company. This will give you a better chance of following that customers lifecycle and finding ways to keep them interested in you. If your company has social media accounts, this is another way in which you can capture information about customers and potential customers.

Use Google analytics to locate your audience 

As has been mentioned in a previous blog Google analytics is a fine tool indeed – and it has potential to assist you with lead generation. The web tracking system, will allow you to track lead generation programs and ensure that you can track how successful you have been at following and tracking your leads and prospects. You can measure all kinds of metrics which will give you a better idea of your customers viewing patterns.

Hire a lead generation company to help you 

There are plenty of companies who have their own lead generation systems – if this is a route that you can afford to go down. Have a look at companies such as Infogroup and Lead Forensics.

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