Wonderul Wonder woman

Wonderul Wonder woman

Another super-hero movie – yes another one. In a genre that is becoming saturated to the brim, it can be difficult to find something within this genre which is genuinely different. DC comics most recent forays into the big screen have not been good. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice was truly wretched whilst the supposedly more subversive Suicide Squad was a massive disappointment.  So I think it’s fair to say that there was a lot of pressure for the latest film from this universe to succeed. Wonder Woman has certainly done that. 

Where the previous DC films I mentioned lacked depth, story and coherence Wonder Woman has all these things in abundance. Back story? Check. Layered characters with emotional depth? Check. A great lead protagonist? Double check. Gal Gadot is magnificent as Diana Prince. I really liked the fact that there was no attempt remove her Israeli accent in favour of a typical queen’s English pronunciation – something so many Hollywood blockbusters have been guilty of doing. It gives the film a more authentic feel. It is refreshing to see a female director in charge of a movie which is about a female character. I would like to think Jenkins was more connected to her subject matter for this reason.  Let’s face it, women know how women think better than men do.

The film covers some really pertinent issues that really provide a strong critique of mankind. Is enough, done in wars to help protect the lives of innocent women and children whilst generals of opposing sides fight behind rhetoric and pomp? Is there really such a thing as good and evil when both sides end up killing each other? And most importantly is there another way to govern our largely patriarchal society?

Rarely in any fantasy blockbuster are we provided with such opportunity for introspection – but Wonder Woman is not a typical superhero film. But, if you are purely seeing this for thrills and big fights you won’t be disappointed either. Diana’s attack on German soldiers, by attempting to cut through no man’s land, is brilliant. I almost wished the Allies had this kind of weapon in the war – how many lives would have been saved. But I digress … oh yes the action is great. And What a final battle. Diana against Aries; God vs Godkiller. Final battles are normally tedious and predictable. Whilst I knew what the outcome was going to be this was very entertaining nonetheless.

So there you have it. If you haven’t seen Wonder Woman I strongly suggest you do. DC is finally getting their act together, and if this is the standard the studio is setting, I am much more hopeful about the Justice League in November than I was previously.


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